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A Voice Declaring: “Five more disasters, a horrible end to all things on the map 06/14/2013

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The Occupation

I was standing in my kitchen, I was preparing my grandson Caden and grandniece Lawren something to drink, when suddenly the Holy Spirit began speaking to me, asking me, do they know, do their children know, that although they grew up in free territory, that although you, their parents grew up in a free territory, that their children will grow up in occupied territory, in an occupied America? 07/12/2010

Jesus Said Light (revelation) Hath Come 04/10/2014

-Why do we constantly ask questions we already know the answer to, but refuse to admit, even submit? The entirety of the universe of this plant is under the dominion of God the creator since His creation of Earth, the Man both male and female. This is what especially Psalm 100 mean when it declares, it is HE that has made us and not we (the American Dream) ourselves, (see Al Gore, the internet). I know we have a freedom of choice, although we're warn not to use said freedom as an occasion to sin, (to bring wicked devices to pass, to like Satan, transgress against the God of gods).

-Truly a choice, a liberty, a freedom mankind has practice since Eve chose to eat the forbidden fruit, and her sons and daughters cried crucified him (the woman seed), and saw to it being done. For he who believe not, (don't live righteously), are just as guilty, just as condemn, unendingly repent ye! I asked a question in this board recently, if it perisheth, what does it profit? It is the flesh unto all things seen that perish, remember this. While it is the soul failing to give a blood report of redemption to its Creator God that which is condemned for all eternity, again, for all eternity.

-Jesus asked a similar question when he cried aloud, what doeth it profit a man (mankind), if he gain the whole world and lose his, soul, or what shall man give in exchange for his soul? Jesus can most of all ask this question, tempted at all points as mankind, Satan offered him the very world Americans treasure above all things that is God. Herein Jesus, in his weakest state to this point, refused to enjoy sin for a season, that would then claim His soul for all eternity. This is what his huge manner of uncertainty is about right? I know most of you say you don't believe God, or HIS Christ, though this is not actually true, you just don't believe HIM unto the forgiveness of sin.

-This is why the scripture say he who say he hath not sin deceive himself and the truth is not in him. All mankind of the lineage of the first Adam is born sin, for by this man sin entered into the world, as so that by the man Jesus Christ, the second Adam, would enter in repentance unto salvation. Just as I said, this isn’t about mankind’s unbelief of God, it’s about them trusting and coming to the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin, how will they ever admit they’re sin, let alone that Jesus alone is the only blood redemption of such immoral transgressions?

-This is why God has gone to such great lengths as to put on flesh (Jesus Christ), that mankind is to know well the evil they worship outside of Jesus’ cross. Know this, outside of Christ’s cross there is only that wicked, broad way that the majority follow, that can only lead to death eternal, it is appointed to all men to die yes, but after that one is to give an account for sin (judgment). You must know the mass majority of people on this planet stand before God guilty as sin is and most without a blood pardon unto eternity in hell. This is what the crying God, who out of a stage of silence in heaven cried uncontrollably around the throne about, how His people were dying, how they were being stripped of everything Jesus Christ, behold I will strip their leaders.

-It was this extremely successful evil that was presented to me as an envisioned loan of an artificial leopard skin coat, a cloak as in to cover over the abominable things mankind do through insurmountable forms of wicked devices they create continuously. I saw multitudes upon multitudes of well-intended people get left behind or passed over by the Lamb of God as they’d been well distracted by this imitation of a mortgage, on one’s immortal soul perhaps. Truly, like the American Dream it was beautifully attractive and everyone who came into contact with it desired it tremendously so. Though what really deluded and bamboozled it’s admirers the most was the harsh reality it seemed to be a covenant made with their souls indebted, this bewildering miscalculation of truth causing millions their single blessed hope.

-I want you to think back to a period testified of in the gospel of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene a female disciple of Jesus Christ at this time, well she’d come to her Messiah’s tomb only to find it empty and she began to weep. It wasn’t long before the Risen Savior whom she thought was a worker, a gardener sought of her woman, why weepest thou? It was here, right here Mary begin to realize, it was her Lord now risen, of course she ran to him and against His will she touched him, with him citing, do it not for I’ve not ascended unto the Father.

-You see this same Jesus that they all witness depart some fifty days later, the angels with Him, made a promise to return first for the saints (dead in Christ first), then with the saints, unto His (their), Millennium Reign. Clearly, why do we pray God's will be done on earth as in Heaven? Yet we work so profusely toward our own will, this enmity to God, this imitation of mortgage of one’s everlasting soul, Beware, Apb, the RAM…

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I was standing over my stove, I was cooking when suddenly the Holy Spirit began speaking to me, how soon we, the church bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the tribulation saints as the Antichrist is given power to overcome them. 03/17/2011

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

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I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again

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